victorinox handyman swiss army knife

Review of victorinox handyman swiss army knife

I use myself a victorinox handyman as every day carry knife. I bought the handyman instead of victorinox swisschamp because it’s thinner and has all the tools i need. Don’t get me wrong, the handyman is not a thin knife, it’s massive. But still it fits very well into my hand and the victorinox swisschamp is just to big to use properly. That’s why i decided to go with the handyman instead.

You can carry the victorinox hanyman comfortably in your pocket but i wear it on my belt in a pouch.

This knife has the following tools which a real handyman needs often:

  • A large and small blade. I use the big blade on my victorinox handyman very often to open carton box packages or envelopes. It’s so handy to have all the time a knife in your pocket within reach. The small blade is better at small jobs who are more precise.
  • Can opener with small screwdriver. I don’t open a lot of cans but it can be very handy for some people. I do use the screwdriver it’s very decent made. The screwdriver works on medium philips head screws.
  • Bottle opener with flat screwdriver and wire stripper. The bottle opener does the job very well. The flat screwdriver works on almost every screw so i use it a lot. I never use the wire stripper.
  • Scissors. I love the scissors on my handyman. You can use them to cut paper or cut your nails. They are very sharp , with only a little bit of pressure you can cut through hard objects.
  • Metal file/saw, nail file. I don’t use this tool, i’m not obsessed with my fingernails. The metal file and saw is ok but it takes some time to cut through metal. I would only use it in an emergency situation when it’s my only tool.
  • Wood saw. I don’t use this tool often. It works on other things than wood as well. You can cut also for example some plastic with this saw. Every type of material that’s not harder than wood works.
  • Pliers, wire cutter/crimper. This tool comes in handy sometimes for heavy jobs. The pliers are not as decent like the pliers from a multitool like a victorinox swisstool but they are also a lot smaller.
  • Tweezers and toothpick. These tools are hidden inside the scales of your swiss army knife. You can use the tweezers to grab small things or remove splinters.
  • Reamer. You can use this tool to¬†punch a hole inside your belt to adjust. Or for sewing leather. I use the tool mostly to punch holes into¬†objects.
  • Hook. You can use this hook to carry your bags when shopping so the plastic doesn’t cut into your hands. Or to pull some rope through something.
  • Chisel. To scrape
  • Corkscrew. Great to open a bottle of wine.
  • Small screwdriver. For small flat screws.

This swiss army knife is here for sale on amazon.


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