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A cheaper alternative for official zippo fuel. Use naphtha instead.

Zippo doesn’t want you to know this little secret. Want to refill your zippo but don’t want to spend much money on expensive zippo fuel? There is an alternative and it works just as fine. We will discuss more in this article.


Zippo fuel is basically the same as naphtha with maybe a few additives. Zippo fluid contains about 10% (total) of xylene, cyclohexane, toluene and benzene. All are flammable hydrocarbons. The rest is just naphtha. When you want to refill your zippo with a cheaper alternative than the official zippo fuel. You can use pure naphtha instead, it works great! And it’s much cheaper. You can buy naphtha in a hardware store or on (click on the link to go to


Don’t use any of the following products in your zippo lighter:

  • Gasoline
  • Butane
  • Paint thinner
  • Alcohol
  • Lamp oil

I have seen people on the internet refill their zippo with gasoline etc. It works but over time the black dirty smoke will clog your zippo lighter and destroy the cotton inside.  The best cheap alternative for official zippo lighter fuel is naptha since it’s the same.

You can pay in some cases 5 bucks or more (depending on the shop) for regular zippo fuel for only a small bottle 125ml. For the same price you get 4 times or more naphtha while it burns as well like regular zippo fuel. The margins on zippo fuel must be very high. Naphtha is lighter fluid.

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